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Meal Plans

  • ❖ All on campus housing students are required to choose an appropriate meal plan. Meal plans are based on class standing and room assignment. Information concerning meal plans for housing students may be found on at www.dineoncampus.com/uncg.
  • ❖ Meal Plans are purchased online via ARTEMIS for on campus housing students and spartancard.uncg.edu for commuter students.  Charges will appear on the student's University account billed by Student Accounts.
  • ❖ On campus housing meal plans are annual contracts as set forth in the Housing Contract.  The student pays half the total price in the fall and the other half is billed automatically to the student's account for the spring.  The student will be billed for the same Meal Plan in the spring semester unless the Meal Plan is changed or cancelled in accordance with these policies.
  • ❖ Commuter meal plans are semester contracts.  Students signing up for a fall semester Commuter meal plan will not be automatically enrolled for the spring semester.  Students will need to sign up again for the spring semester.
  • ❖ A student may request to change or their Meal Plan up until the end of the Add/Drop Period for Registration each semester.  Meal Plans and Dining Flex that are changed or canceled prior to this date may be credited back to the student's account (on a pro-rated basis) at Student Accounts.
  • ❖ If a student chooses to change from an unlimited plan to a block plan the student is credited for the pro-rated portion of the unlimited  plan and charged for the full amount of the block plan.
  • ❖ Changes to a student's Meal Plan must be made online at spartancard.uncg.edu.
  • ❖ After the Drop/Add period each semester,  all emergencies necessitating meal plan changes will be handled on an individual basis by contacting the UNCG Spartancard  Office
  • ❖ A housing student who leaves the campus at the end of the fall semester because he/she has completed the requirements for graduation or because he/she is participating in a study abroad program has the right to cancel his/her Meal Plan for the spring semester without charge.  The amount charged to the student's account for the spring semester will be credited in full.  Written notification should be submitted to the UNCG Spartancard  Office by the student to receive the full credit prior to the start of the Spring semester.
  • ❖ Meal Plans may not available for use during official school holidays and breaks. Please check the dining website prior to holidays and breaks.
  • ❖ Fall Semester meals do not transfer over to the spring semester and expire on Graduation Day in December.  However, any remaining Flex will transfer to the Spring semester. Spring semester meals and Flex expire on the day of Spring Graduation.
  • ❖ The Weekly Plan meals do not carry over from week to week.

Dining Flex

  • ❖ Dining Flex may be purchased online at spartancard.uncg.edu after the first week of classes each semester as long as the student has a valid Meal Plan.  Charges will appear on the student's University account billed by Student Accounts.
  • ❖ Dining Flex is restricted to applicable items in approved dining and vending locations.
  • ❖ Dining Flex may also be used for delivery to the student's residence hall from approved restaurants.
  • ❖ Any Dining Flex balance at the end of the fall semester will carry over to spring semester.
  • ❖ A student must have a valid spring semester Meal Plan in order to continue to add Dining Flex to their account.
  • ❖ Dining Flex is nonrefundable and must be used by Graduation Day in May.
  • ❖ A student without a spring semester Meal Plan may use any remaining Dining Flex that was added during fall semester until the balance is zero, until May Graduation.

Modification of Terms

UNCG Dining Services and the UNCG Spartancard reserve the right to alter or change any statement contained herein.